Life Through The Right Lenses

Daniel Holdings – August 4, 2013

In an uncertain world, those that are awake can look at all that is happening in real-time and surrender their lives to fear. Fear of loss, fear of the unknown and the fear of death, all take the center stage of our minds as we try to contemplate “what is next?”

Do You Have Eyes To See?Seeing

Understanding what’s next can mitigate some of that fear. However, in order to understand what is really happening in the world today, and the future, we must “see” the world differently.

Vision on the planet Earth is shrouded in a 3D cloud. Like a fog, we wear our 3D vision everywhere we go in our human condition. That vision limits our perspective of time and space to those things that we can see and feel. In addition, our own individual histories are mapped out in linear fashion because the lives on this third rock from the Sun beat to the tempo of time.

Indeed, the only time we break free from the chains of our normal viewing and life experience is when we dream. In our dreams we can run, fly, walk through walls and travel instantly without restriction. In our dreams we shed the 3D glasses in order to accomplish life on a different scale. But after all, dreaming is not real… or is it?

Your Vision Can Help or Hurt You

Most people in the world today, especially Christians, choose to be blissfully ignorant about the tumultuous times the world is coming into. Those that understand the “birth pangs” that Jesus talked about choose to believe that they will be snatched away in “rapture” before any ill befalls them.

Two Men ArguingSuch a statement could cause the reader to instantly argue their theological and eschatological viewpoint on a pre, mid or post tribulation. However, to do so would be missing the whole point of this article.

Do you know what is going to happen in the world next week? Or, how about, next month… or even next year?

No one has a crystal ball to “see” the future.

The point is, anyone that is bound to our 3D world cannot “see” the future because we are confined by our physical laws. Thus, we are blind to what tomorrow WILL bring.

The Next Shoe To DropSolar Flare 1

An amazing admission was revealed last week by the Washington Examiner online: TWO WEEKS before the release of the article, the Earth was nearly hit by a devastating solar flare that would have unleashed an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) which, with all certainty, would have thrown our little blue planet back to the stone age for at least a few years.

The shocking part is not the EMP – We have been warned about the potential of such an event for years.

What is shocking is that we simple earthlings were only told about the near miss – TWO WEEKS AFTER THE EVENT!

Had the flare not missed us, this blog could not have been written and life as we know it would have been changed forever.

So much for looking at life through our rose-colored linear glasses.

Time For New Specs

Round-spectacles-glassesWe often read in the Bible where mortal men defied the Earth’s physical laws. Some of the prophets of old and a few names in the New Testament were able to break those laws at will when they were given a task by God to accomplish. Other times, God Himself, or His angels, broke physical laws on their behalf, i.e. the sun stood still, iron floated and chains fell off, etc.

In addition, these “prophets” saw the future. They had dreams and visions. They proclaimed things that were going to happen, even millennia, before they occurred.

These men, either through their biblical experience, or before, were able to see life through a multifaceted, multidimensional lens. By the time their documented experience was complete, they understood that the universe is bigger than our 3D world – And the God that we serve controls that universe.

These men were mere mortals, bound to the same physical laws that hold all of us captive. The difference is; they not only believed in Him that lives outside of time, but they had the courage to “see” things through His eyes.

New Vision To Meet An Uncertain Future

There has never been a time in human history when we need to “see” things through His eyes. The perils at our doorstep are not imagined – They are very real. Whether you choose to acknowledge them or not is a different argument. The fact is that based upon recent news, i.e. an EMP welding solar flare, we could have already stepped into the proverbial cow patty.

The building evidence for a world economic collapse, additional solar flares or other catastrophes seem to be mounting. Hiding your head in the sand will not make the danger go away. doomsday-preppersSuch action will simply make the 3D earth dweller unprepared for future danger.

Even most “preppers” who are aware of the danger, and taking steps to mitigate some of the hazards, will not have the vision to “see” what’s next.

To do that, we have to take a lesson from biblical characters of old and don our own multifaceted, multidimensional glasses.

Things That Are Not Seen

Yeshua said that “the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. Upon hearing this statement, we assume that He is referring to His arrival as Messiah and subsequent death and resurrection. That advent provides a way for the Believer’s sins to be forgiven and as such, builds a bridge to God, The Father. Further assumption is that this is figurative or allegorical speech.

However, what if He meant what He said? What if He was declaring a time when simple human beings could begin to live in a universe larger than their 3D selves? What if His blood that bridged the gap spiritually to God also acted as a key to opening a door that was locked to mankind previously, only to be opened at God’s specific invitation, i.e. the prophets of old.

This may sound farfetched until we look at what Jesus did after His resurrection.

Before His resurrection, He did many miracles. While most broke our physical 3D laws, He himself was still bound by those laws. After His resurrection, He broke those laws at will, i.e. He walked through walls, etc. etc.

More to the point, he appeared to understand the concept of “time” much better after his resurrection.

Seeing Differently In This New Kingdom

Something different happened with the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit in Christ’s Bride. That Spirit, a part of God Himself, has the ability to “see” outside of time and space. The question is how to activate the multifaceted, multidimensional lenses that come with Him.

Most people struggle with the future. Fear eats at them and their peace flees in its wake. By activating your new lenses, you will be more than able to cope with the things that are be falling the Earth. But first, you must take off your current 3D glasses.

Many of God’s people today are able to “see” what is coming. Because God has shown them these things, they are able to prepare and walk into the future without fear. Purpose to open your eyes, heart and mind to those things that God wants to show you. Here are suggestions on how to do that:

1) Repent! Make sure your life is clean before Him. That doesn’t mean that you don’t mess up, but it does mean that you are quick to ask for His forgiveness.

2) Seek Him earnestly and often. Talk to Him one on one, not in some religious prayer, but in a conversational tone. Then – Be quiet and listen! As you tune your ear to the frequency of His voice (figuratively) you will begin to hear Him tell you many things.

3) Fast as often as you can. Fasting is the best way to kill off the old man who gets in the way of our hearing.

4) Pour over His word and study it diligently for yourself. Dig into the original language. Use a lexicon to find the true meaning of words. This kind of study will renew your mind and help you to think clearer about those things that God wants to show you.

5) Ask God to give you dreams, visions and direction about the future and then be a good steward with those things He shows you.

As you do these things, you will find something strange beginning to happen. You may not “see” everything that is about to happen, but those things He has prepared you for will no longer be frightening.

Because you have sought Him with all your heart, He will give you “peace that surpasses all understanding.” With that peace, the mystery of the future will no longer be a scary journey.Eye

With your new vision, you’ll be able to face an uncertain future by “seeing” it with the right perspective – His perspective.

That’s what I call “eyes to see”.