The Cutting Edge – Veil Consuming Fire 2/10/14

Rick Wiles of TruNews

Rick Wiles of TruNews,joins Daniel Holdings in the first hour to talk about The Fire that is coming to our nation and the world with the Return of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, Jesus Christ. Rick will share about how his soon to be adopted granddaughter, from the jungles of the Amazon, has seen what is to come. He will speak about a myriad of dreams and visions by numerous people about the judgment to come. In addition, the men will speak about current events and how they are leading America and the world down the path to The End of the Age. Watchmen Larry Taylor and Augusto Perez join Daniel in the second hour to pick up the conversation.

Does God’s love preclude Him from judging America with Fire? Is America a Christian nation and as such, should it be spared from judgment? Are these the Last Days and what proof do we have? Are all the crazy things going on in the world today part of the “birth pangs” that the Bible speaks about? If this is the End of the Age, how much time do we have? How should the Church react? These are but some of the questions that Rick, Larry, Augusto and Daniel will delve into as they talk about “Veil Consuming Fire”.