Prepare The Way – 10/21/15

A PTW Special Report

From an undisclosed location in the Middle East is Hebrew Nation’s Laura Densmore

Daniel and Laura speak about urgent issues in Israel as knife attacks and killing by Palestinians abound. What does the latest intifada mean to a people that just want to live in peace? Is this uprising different from the first two? How is the burning of Joeseph’s Tomb and the Valley of Dry Bones connected and what significance is there to Ephraim going home? Did the Blood Moon of The Feast of Tabernacles last month mark an important turning point for The Land and its people? Does Russia’s presence in Syria represent a building block to… Armageddon? All of this and more is covered in this most important program. If you want to understand where the world is going, you have to look at it’s center – Israel as Daniel and Laura present to you this Special Report.