Prepare The Way – 11/18/15

PTW Roundtable With Mark Call & Al McCarn

On this week’s PTW, Daniel hosts a roundtable discussion with Mark & Al on a recent youtube video in which a Rabbi interviews Israeli Nathan, a 15 year old boy who saw the End of Days in a near death experience and has brought back a warning of immenantcy.  This week also saw the horrific attacks on Paris by terrorists and the teedering U.S. economy as well as other economies around the world.  What will be the spark that leads to a shooting World War III?  Does this video speak to that very thing?  Is it really possible that, according to Nathan, that Obama could be the Gog of Eziekiel?  Did the war really start on September 11th of 2015 and just because we haven’t seen the “boom” yet, does that mean we don’t have anything to worry about?  All of these things and more are discussed on this weeks show as Daniel, Mark & Al hash out the details of Nathan’s vision.  Trust us – You don’t want to miss this one.

Link for the English subtitled video: