Endorphins Wanted!

Endorphins are chemicals that your hypothalamus and pituitary glands make. These powerful little molecules are also potent medicine for what ails you.

There is a direct connection between the release of endorphins in your body and your mood.  Endorphins help you to combat pain and stress and an endorphin release because of exercise causes most people to feel a natural, and legal I might add, high.

Endorphins are your friend and you want them to be a part of your life as much as you possibly can.

The Key

Honest exercise junkies will tell you that they live that lifestyle because of how great the continual release of endorphins makes them feel.  And while you may not want to go to those extremes, exercise is your key to unlocking those powerful chemicals in your body as well.

By simply getting on a regular routine of walking everyday for 15 minutes, you can release a lot of good will in your life in the form of endorphins.  A bike ride or short jog can also get your blood pumping and your glands flowing.  The key is to move.

Discovering Your Zone

The regiment of exercise that you choose depends on many factors.  Are you an older person with mobility issues?  If so, for you the simple act of moving your limbs and repeatedly getting up and down from a chair is enough to trigger a release of those precious chemicals.

If you are relatively healthy and able to move, you’ll find that as you walk, run, bike, lift weights or play sports, your body will eventually reach a plateau over time and you’ll need to change up your regiment to receive the same endorphin kick that you had early on in your routine.

You don’t need to be a professional athlete or run a marathon to improve your mind and body through exercise.  All it takes is effort.  Find out what works for you and you’ll discover your zone – That zone where you’ll feel the benefit of endorphins.

A Path To Wellness

Soon you’ll find that being able to feast on endorphins may have only been the motivation to get into an exercise routine.  However, the additional benefits to your lifestyle go way beyond a good mood.  Exercise will prolong your life.  It lowers your cholesterol, blood sugar, is good for your heart and helps you to think more clearly. 

As you embark on this path to wellness, you’ll find that your desire for an endorphin high was only the beginning to a lifestyle filled with healthy longevity.

So go ahead, get off that couch!