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NASA UPDATE: Planet X (Nibiru) Is Real and Quickly Approaching The Inner Solar System

Nov 12, 2011

Planet X, or Nibiru, passed between the planets Jupiter and Mars some 7,200 years ago. According to archeological and biblical records, the Great Flood resulted from it. Not a small event (By the way, if you don’t believe that the Great Flood happened and think that it’s just some religious mumbo-jumbo, look it up online, go ahead, it’s a true story and real event). Nibiru will again pass Earth sometime between now and 2012, but on a much closer and most critical orbit–the closest yet since the last galactic alignment, almost 26,000 years ago. The passing of Nibiru can cause nearly complete melting of the poles and glaciers, drastically raising the water level of oceans resulting in horrific world-wide flooding and massive tidal waves as ice liquefies and rushes to fill the natural flow patterns present before the time it froze.



nibiruNibiru Nemesis Planet X BEST Documentary

Youtube Video

A recording of one of the best Nibiru / Planet X documentary’s on television.



Planet-X (7X bigger than Earth?)— Is It Real 99%

Before It’s News – February 23, 2013

After reviewing fourteen possible NEO (Near Earth Object) models of Planet-7X traveling through our solar system, the overlaying math matches the eyewitness accounts from different authors that are from different points on the globe, and from different time periods. Planet-7X has a orbital range of 292-421 years between visits excluding any possible collusion between authors to try to emulate or contrive a NEO (Near Earth Object) seven times Earth’s diameter…



NASA Video Admits the Sun possibly has a Binary Brown Dwarf

Youtube Video

leo-infrared-zoomIn an amazing admission, this NASA video states that our own Sun, like the majority of all other stars, could very well have a brown dwarf binary twin.



Nibiru Sightings – Leaked Planet X Video – Nibiru is visible Latest Sightings

Youtube Video

A very short video showing recent sightings of Nibiru.



 Nibiru / Planet X

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