“Leading Indicator” Precipitous Dive Turns Heads

Leading indicators are those economic signals that occur well ahead of immediate economic problems.  Often times, these indicators are overlooked until after a crunch occurs. However, with the Baltic Dry Index signaling a renewed market collapse, it would do all well to heed the warning. One could argue that we never really recovered from the previous […]

Greece Riots Over Country’s Economic Collapse

The approval of Greece’s latest austerity measures by its leaders did little to quell the unrest on Athens streets.  In fact, the opposite was true. The thought of more belt tightening by Greece’s citizens have led to massive protests, rioting, looting and burning. While the bill was approved by Greece’s government this week, the next […]

LHC To Set New Power Record

Scientists at The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland are boosting power to the world’s largest machine by 14%. It is hoped that the additional strength of collision will aid in the hunt for the Higgs Bosen, a.k.a. God Particle. This effort is fueling hope that the particle that has elluded physisists all of these years […]