Steve-a friend of mine told me a story the other day of a staff sergeant at Ft Harrison that was telling a retired Army Ranger a story while he was at the forts hospital.  The sergeant said that the fort had recently completed a new office building and this sergeant was waiting for the arrival of a 900 piece order of office desk, chairs, etc.  Upon its arrival the sergeant decided he would take his desk etc(packed in boxes) to his new office and would catch the paperwork later rather than wait.  Upon opening his new desk box at his new office, he discovered there was a guillotine inside.  This sergeant was blown away at seeing this and was telling the retired Army Ranger about this at the fort hospital.  Thought you might find this interesting-Rob-SQ NOTE-THIS PERSON IS KNOWN TO ME AND HIS INFORMATION, HAS PROVEN,TO BE TRUSTWORTHY AND FORTHRIGHT!

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