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Prepare The Way – 7/8/15

Dan Gordon – “The Day of the Dead” Screen Writer, Producer, Director and Novelist, Israeli / American IDF Reserve Captain Dan Gordon joins Daniel for a special two part discussion of his new book “The Day Of The Dead” and its terrifying implications for America in the not too distant future.  With impeccable sources high […]

Prepare The Way – 6/24/15

Watchman Larry Taylor & The News This week on PTW, Daniel’s good friend Larry Taylor joins the host for an in depth analysis of various mind boggling issues in the news.  From Greece, to WWIII, to The Pope, to Mars, the men rapidly move through the stories that show how very late it is.  You […]

Prepare The Way – 5/27/15, Echoes of Voices From The Modern Day Prophets

The News – Echoing The Voice Of The Prophets As a follow-up to the previous show, 30 Seconds To Midnight, Daniel takes a hard look at today’s headlines to see if there is a correlation between those things that are really going on in the world, and the things we were warned about by Yahweh’s […]