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Prepare The Way – 9/9/15, Is Caesar Above The Law?

Caesar – Above The Law This week on Prepare The Way, Kentuckians Jerry & Rhonda Tomlinson join Daniel to talk about Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk who has been jailed by a “federal” judge for not issuing marriage licenses because of her moral convictions. Is this a religious issue? Is it a civic issue? […]

Supernatural Woofers – The Beat Of The End Of The Age

I have a confession. Born in 1962, I’m a product of the sixties and seventies and grew up in a rock-n-roll and disco era (true, I was confused). Loud, thumping and piercing music would blare through my home and car stereos long before anyone ever heard of huge woofer boxes in kid’s cars. Although the […]

Prepare The Way – 9/2/15

JD’s 9/11 As we prepare to walk into the end of the Shemitah, what can we expect in the very near future?  This evening, Daniel is joined by his friend JD of the Neptune Diaries.  JD’s testimony places him right under the infamous Sycamore Tree next to St. Paul’s Church on 9/11 as the second […]