Greece Riots Over Country’s Economic Collapse

The approval of Greece’s latest austerity measures by its leaders did little to quell the unrest on Athens streets.  In fact, the opposite was true.

The thought of more belt tightening by Greece’s citizens have led to massive protests, rioting, looting and burning.

While the bill was approved by Greece’s government this week, the next round of funding for the troubled country is yet to be approved by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, IMF.

The additional belt tightening is a requirement by the aforementioned creditors as result of the socialist country failing to meet previous agreements of her Euro bail-out.  The next round of funding is desperately needed to avoid a very nasty bankruptcy by the Sovereign.

There is large spread concern that the masses will continue to buck against the Austerity Measures.

Meanwhile, many behind the scenes have stated that the eventual bankruptcy of Greece is inevitable.

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