Constitution Under Foot?

Recently controversial artist Jon McNaugton painted a work depicting President Obama trampling on The Constitution while all 43 previous Presidents watched.

To say that the painted created quite an uproar on the Left would be an understatement.  In the meantime, the Right seemingly pumped their fists in the air amid shouts of “That’s Right!”

Here’s the problem…

Neither the Right or the Left have it right.  For instance, the recent Bill that was passed, S.1867 Bill 93-7 or otherwise known as the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA) was almost immediately signed into Law by President Obama and provides for the indefinite detention of American Citizens!

Need this writer point out that it took both houses of Congress to pass the Bill and thus was approved by both the Right and the Left!

Our Founding Fathers had an America in mind far different than the one that exists today.  And with the eroding of Civil Liberties, the same ones granted to us in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, it makes one wonder if those same Founding Fathers would even recognize our interpretation of the Constitution at all.

Food for thought.

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