Israel Will Remain The Master Of Its Fate

In a world where Israel is surrounded by her enemies, more so now than before the Arab Spring, who could blame the Israelis for taking a stand in defending their people.

America has always, up until this point, been a steadfast ally of the Jewish State.  However, the current administration, and I dare say the world, seem more antagonistic to Israel than ever before in modern history.

President Barack Obama this week encouraged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “wait” for sanctions against a nuclear bent Iran to take hold.  However, the Prime Minister reiterated his nation’s right to defend itself and did not rule out a preemptive strike against Iran, a nation neck deep in terrorist sponsorship.

Say what you will about the Israelis, when backed into a perceived corner, they have and will ruthlessly fight their way out.  One can only hope that the result is not another World War to end all wars.  Such a conflict would have consequences of Biblical proportions.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…” Psalm 122:6

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