The Conspiracy Nuts Were Right All Along?!

July 2, 2013 – Daniel Holdings

For years, Conspiracy Theorists were dubbed “Nutzos”.tin-foil-hat  Mainstream media scoffed at them and respectable citizens thumbed their collective noses saying they were extremists.

However… with the release of the NSA spying details by Eric Snowden, it seems that the whole world has now become conspiracy nuts.

Indeed, Europe, Russia and China have expressed “grave concern” over America’s pervasive spying program.  It has been found that this country has spied on friend and foe alike.  While eavesdropping is not new, what is disturbing is the efficiency with which the government is collecting data.

Utah Data Collection CenterOne of the lynchpins behind this ubiquitous efficiency is the new NSA Utah Data Center.  Officially it doesn’t come online until fall of 2013, but rumors (by conspiracy nuts) have circulated that it’s already up and running.

Also rumored is the fact that the 1.5 million sq. ft. facility has the capacity to track ALL phone conversations and keep personal records on every single American, as well as a good portion of the rest of the world. 

Spying aside, there have recently been other news stories confirming various topics previously only reported by the alternative media (conspiracy nuts).

Chemtrails 1Recently, Fox News did a story on Chemtrails and another news outlet did a story on ancient monolithic structures under the ocean which is purported to be Atlantis.  Ufologists are also getting a boost because there appears to be a heightened awareness in mainstream media of the potential for extraterrestrial life.

Yet, these are only a handful of subjects that the general public is even aware of.  So, in true Conspiracy Theorist form, one might ask “what is the media not telling us?”

Control of information is critical to shaping the public’sNWO - All Seeing Eye perception of the world we live in.  As an example, if the majority of the public really understood issues like the “New World Order”, “Genetic Manipulation Through Food and Pharmaceuticals” and “Weather Control”, the backlash alone would threaten the government’s control in this hemisphere and elsewhere.

Nonetheless, these are but a few issues on the Conspiracy Theorist’s radar and are enough to make the average Joe’s head spin.  The frightening realization that “the world is not how we thought it was” would have devastating effects to social structure – if the public all woke up at the same time.  

However, even if possible for everyone to understand the truth at the same time, many people would choose to remain in their current untruthful paradigm.  For such people, the shock of the truth would be too much to bear.  

Thus, the alternative media’s task at hand is to wake up as many people as possible – Now!  In doing so, many lives could be saved and who knows, effective change may be advanced.  Regardless, armed with only a sliver of truth, one can begin to prepare accordingly. 

Demon 3The Bible says that Satan, the devil, is the god, little “g”, of this world.  So is it any wonder that we see elected officials selfishly looking out for their own needs, rather than the public’s, or Banksters trying to rob people blind while driving this country over a fiscal cliff?  This is a world where countries can’t get along so they send their armies out to kill each other.  We see many countries with plenty, yet people are starving because they don’t have enough to eat.  Looking at these events and more, it is easy to think that these things are unrelated.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many of these motivations are, according to the Conspiracy Theorist, intertwined.  However, there is no doubt that the enemy, the devil, has sown the seeds of chaos and despair into the very fabric of our world’s systems.  Worse, using these same systems of the world, he is ramping up to a level of evil never seen on the earth.  Those coming events will overshadow mankind like a dark cloud.

Now full circle, we see that many of these conspiracy theories, once considered extremist, are now being uncovered.  Understand that although days of evil are coming, it is the Most High God, with a big “G”, who is ultimately doing the exposing.

As the distress of nations fall upon our planet, the Conspiracy Theorist and average Joe alike unite to stop and expose the lies.  But alas, the father of lies, the devil, has already taken control of the system.  His web is far more pervasive than even the well-educated theorist realizes.  As such, it is not a mere political or social problem to correct.  At its core, this deception… this darkness… is spiritual. 

The only way to dispel the darkness of evil and lies is with light.  Knowledge alone is not enough, exposure is not enough, contingencies are not enough, and our will is not enough! 

This darkness can only be dispelled by the light of the Gospel. Cross with Crowd The Bible foretold of the days we are entering into.  It also says that Jesus is coming back as a conquering King to establish a just government on earth for a thousand years.

Until then, do what you can to wake people up, but never forget that this truth is not enough to give people life. 

That life can only come by the Son of God.  In Him we find purpose, hope and real change leading to a better future for everyone.

And that’s just not a conspiracy theory.