The Best Kept Secret In The Midst Of Battle Chaos

Daniel Holdings – July 22, 2013

Have you ever asked yourself how a fireman can run into a burning building when everyone else is running out of it?

Or, how is it that a “regular guy” becomes a hero by disregarding his own life in the face of danger?

What about our brave men and women on the battlefield?  Where do they find the courage to advance in a firefight in the midst of a barrage of bullets?

What do all of these examples have in common?

The answer is simple – Focus.Eye

A First Responder at an accident doesn’t see the “danger” around him.  He keeps it simple.  He listens, or focuses, on the cry of people calling for help.  That same focus will cause him to push deeper into the burning building.  He will continue to look until he finds someone, or until he is sure that there is no left to be saved.  Only then, will he take into consideration the mounting danger around him and evacuate.

Likewise, the “regular guy” doesn’t say, “Hey, this is my chance to be brave and make a name for myself!”  In reality, he simply sees a problem and focuses on how to fix it.  He doesn’t look at the danger.

The warrior on the front line is just as scared as anyone.  However, the soldier has trained through mundane everyday duties to accomplish the task before him.  As he is thrust into the firefight, he ignores the danger around him and focuses on his training.  In doing so, he is able to advance from his position and do great exploits.

The ability to focus in the midst of chaos acts like x-ray glasses.  It lets you see through the danger on the surface to the root of your goals.

It has been said that bravery is not the lack of fear, but it is action in spite of fear.  However, it is also the ability to shut everything else out in order to accomplish a goal in a dangerous situation.

Focus is what the Body of Christ needs today.

With all that is about to befall the earth, you may be wondering how this is even possible.

Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to me.”  That should be our focus!

No doubt that some readers may believe this is impossible.  The looming problems for our country and the world are so big; one cannot help but consider “what will happen to me?”

“What about my house?” My job?  My family?  My life?” “If the dollar crashes how are we going to live?  What will we eat?”  “If martial law is declared, how am I going to have a normal life?”  “If earthquakes or tsunami’s happen, am I going to die?”  “What if that Nibiru thing comes and earth has a pole shift?  We’re all going to be killed!”  “What happens if foreign troops attack us?  What if they kill us and take our stuff?”

Behold The Lamb of God 4A recent post read, “Two-thousand years ago, the Jews were looking for a Messiah that was a Lion and instead, they got a Lamb (Jesus).  Two-thousand years later, Christians are looking for a Lamb and will get a Lion.  When the Messiah returns, He is no longer sitting on a throne of mercy, but He will sit on a throne of justice.”

Thus, this is the problem when it comes to the issue of focus.  The majority of Christians are not focused on judgment.  They believe that Christ will come back and rapture them.  SoRapture they refuse to consider the fact that they may have to walk through these very difficult times that are approaching.  They are not focusing on the work at hand!  Instead, they are concentrating on what they hope to be the end result!

Even those that suspect something may be about to happen cannot bring themselves to face the approaching judgment.  Rather than focusing on the call of action in scripture to be the “Salt” and “Light” to this dying world, the vast majority of Christians today WILLINGLY choose to slumber.  The fear of losing their life or their stuff, looking at the surroundings instead of focusing, is too much for them to handle.  Therefore they choose to sleep because to wake up would be way too scary.

Bury-your-Head-in-the-sandBut choosing to remain asleep because of the fear of losing your lifestyle, and even your life, will not be an acceptable answer when we all stand before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  It is akin to the parable of the man with the money that he buried.  We will be held accountable for focusing on loss instead of being a good steward.

Focus will help the Believer fight through the storm.  Truly counting all things as loss for the sake of our Lord will help us to focus on the task at hand – Being Salt & Light.

Determine now, before the storm, to ignore the problems and danger around you.  That doesn’t mean that you stop living and move to a cave.  It means that you draw nearer to Jesus by spending time with Him and in His Word.  It means you worship Him in spite of the circumstances.  It means that you stop holding God responsible when bad things happen to you and realize that even in difficult times, there is an opportunity to focus on, and praise, Him.

Life can no longer be about your stuff, your lifestyle or even your life.  A raging battle is approaching.  Focusing on the goal of lifting up Jesus in word and deed will help you to advance in the very difficult days ahead.

As you do, a very strange thing will begin to happen.  Sitting on the frontline, rifle in hand (figuratively), you will begin to feel that fear dissipate.  Although the coming pain is real, by focusing on The Author and Perfector of your faith, you will feel “peace that surpasses all understanding” begin to flood your heart.  That peace will give you the courage to press on.

The time for the Bride to awaken from slumber is now.  Stop focusing on the routine.

Instead, focus on lifting up Jesus in your word, deed and life.

As you do, you will find the courage to fight – as the battle rages.