Into The Storm


Daniel Holdings – Sept. 7, 2013

Like a weary traveler eyeing a Supercell impeding his path, those who are awake see a coming storm and realize that the residents of earth are headed straight into it.

Begrudging Progress

Because this Super Storm encompasses the whole world, there’s no way around it. And like debris pushed forward by a torrent of water, mankind has been swept up by unstoppable world events. Likewise, there is no retreat because the world we once knew has been changed forever. History has erased a blissful innocence that allowed us to forget that the world was indeed a dangerous place.

So like a traveler with only one choice, we move ahead… Into The Storm.

Uncomfortable Realities

A convergence of several events have brought us to this future.

This week alone, we watched as the final pieces are put in Chinese Warshipsplace for the spark that will lead to World War III – Syria. Troops from the United States, China and Russia have faced off in the Mediterranean and nearby countries. With fleeing support from a coalition of the unwilling, Mr. Obama has asked Congress for “permission” for a war that he says is necessary. The Russian Warshipsconflict, even if it is delayed, will happen – it must in order to facilitate a “reset”.

In addition to wars and rumors of war, there is a very imminent global economic collapse that also MUST take place. The world’s fiat currencies, including the Dollar, have ran their course. The sheer weight of national debt is dragging nations to the bottom of a bankruptcy sea. And Civilization Collapsethe world waits for a “reset”.

It was also revealed this week that the Fukushima nuclear plant is on the precipice of a real life “China Syndrome”. Radiation levels have spiked to over eighteen-hundred percent of what they were and both TEPCO and the Japanese government have aFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant opened to foreign media, Fukushima, Japan - 28 Feb 2012cknowledged that radiation is seeping uncontrollably into ground water and being washed into the ocean. The concern of transoceanic contamination to the west coast of the U.S. is palatable and many fear that the Pacific Ocean could die as a result of radiation poisoning.

Facing The Monster

At the outskirts of a storm, one is certain to experience thunderstorm 2increased wind and maybe some light rain. Not far inside you can expect a heavier downpour, accompanied by lightning and perhaps even hail. Significant storms can generate tornados which can vary in size and intensity. And that is where we are – at the outskirts of a storm, the likes of which the world has never seen.

In spite of this news and more, those who are awake can have a peace that surpasses all understanding. It is possible to ride into the tornadic rotation of this Supercell and not be afraid.

Ready or Not

There appears to be three groups of people on this journey:

The First are those who are oblivious to the approaching storm and are seduced by mainstream culture and media. They are either unknowingly asleep to the world’s realities, or willingly asleep for fear of what waking might bring.

Group Two contains those who are awake. However, they are frightened and cling to the hope that there is a better tomorrow – someday. They are most likely self-sufficient Preppers who intend to keep their heads down and will try to ride out the difficult times, hoping to rebuild on the other side. While being prepared is a good idea, such an independent mindset doesn’t allow for the most essential part of a survival plan in these End Times.

The Third group contains people who are awake and see events from a biblical perspective. Jesus said that these things would occur. He also promised to be with His Bride until the End of the Age. Such promises give this group a peace that makes no sense to groups One and Two. It is indeed a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Still, that third group can be broken down into two subcategories:

1) Those that think they will escape the storm because of “The Rapture” and,

2) Those who believe that a rescue from the midst of the storm will not happen. However, they trust that God will give them strength to go through the storm.

Regardless, all of the previous categorization matters not – because everyone on earth is headed Into The Storm!

Bumpy From Here

The Apostle Paul once wrote, “To be absent in body is to be present with the Lord.” His observation is not simple Worshiphyperbole. He was nearly killed several times and in the end, knew that he was going to his death. Yet, he realized that life, in and of itself, is a FINITE state of being. He had dedicated himself to serving A Living God regardless of his personal outcome. He understood that although we all will die one day, death didn’t have to hold him hostage to fear. Because he saw his journey as being bigger than himself, and even the storms in life that he faced, he did what God gave him to do as best as he could – without fear. How many professing Christians can say that of themselves as they stare down a Super Storm of mass proportion?

We may indeed face the stonings, beatings or imprisonments that Paul did. The approaching whirlwind will uproot all pretenses of religiousness and piety. None of us will survive unscathed. Our actions, attitudes and behavior as the wind and the rain beat down upon us will reveal whether or not we have a person to person, love interest with our Lord Jesus Christ. Or, were we simply dressed for the part, only to be stripped naked by the maelstrom of End Times events.

This Side Of The Storm

It is in a deep, personal, relationship with Yeshua that we will find peace in the middle of the approaching storm. It is also in that relationship that we will get to see the other side of it.

Now, on this side of the storm, is the time to seek the Lord. Talk to Him. Spend time with Him. Repent and get your heart right before Him. Read His Word and see that He told us about the coming storm and how to prepare for it.

The Supercell is dead ahead. It is also unavoidable. We can’t go around – we can’t back up – and we can’t stop. It is a storm that will touch everyone on the face of the earth.

Yet we can ride out this tempest with the Creator of the Universe by our side. We can choose to worship, to speak with Him and to rest in His promised peace regardless of what waits within the whirlwind.

In this truth we can take heart – As we ride Into The Storm.