Steve Quayle on The Cutting Edge Friday, 3 pm pacific with Daniel Holdings, Oct 25th!!!

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“The Thinning Veil”

STEVE-QUAYLE1-300x300In a God inspired program change, Watchman Steve Quayle will join Daniel for a discussion on “The Thinning Veil”.   This program is supernaturally ordained as we delve into the true meaning of “the heavenly realm” and what Yeshua meant when he said, “If I told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?” How do you perceive that increasing and accelerated supernatural invading our 3D world? Daniel & Steve will talk about the “Veil” between the heavenly and earthly dimensions that is ever thinning. As an added bonus, the first 10 minutes of the show will feature a secret, special guest. You will not want to miss this powerful two hour discussion as The Cutting Edge investigates – The Thinning Veil. 

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Daniel is very grateful to Romy Zarit who has made this evening possible.  Romy will be behind the scenes warring as she usually does.  At a future date, Daniel will have her on to discuss her amazing ministry and testimony!