The Reality of Reality

Daniel Holdings – Nov 26, 2013
B&W Pic For WebsiteAn old philosophical question asks: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?”

Yes?  No?

Unless you are tramping through that forest and happen to stumble across that tree that is impeding your path, the answer is more like: Who cares!

Such is the attitude of 99% of the population these days.

And make no mistake, trees are falling in the proverbial forest all around us. However, our citizenry couldn’t give a flying leap!

As an example, it has been reported by credible sources over the weekend that a burning bright light off the Oregon coast this weekend was in fact a ballistic missile test launched from a Chinese submarine stationed off the North American coast!

Yet, where is the outrage and words of warning like “timmmmbeeerrrrrrrr!!!”

A nuclear deal between the seated American President and his lackey envoy, John Kerry, and the sponsoring terrorist organization known as the country of Iran was penned to very few detractors. However, everyone knows that Peyton Manning of the Broncos lost once again to the upstart Tom Brady of the Patriots and Lady Gaga’s popularity is on the skids!

Where is the outrage? Where is the concern? Is it just me or was that giant thump and rumble from the forest real or just in my head?!

Does it bother anyone that things are so bad in the Middle East that our once staunchest ally Israel is rumored to be inspecting Saudi Arabian bases as a launching place for a strike on Iran? Equally so, does it bother the average Joe American that our staunchest Arab ally, Saudi Arabia, has kicked out our ambassador and is reported to be considering striking out on their own at a dangerous Iran?

In addition, if the populace stopped to consider how the Constitution has been usurped and never to be resurrected again to its former status, they might at least pause from the busyness of their daily lives.

Woefully, not even an active Earth with all of its changes and cataclysms worldwide seems to shake people from their slumber. Nor is a staggering banking system that verges on the edge of collapse something that has alarmed the masses.

Alas, it is not one fallen tree in the forest, but the consent echo of falling trees that have been completely ignored by Americans. I would use the phrase that “they can’t see the forest for the trees,” except at this rate, there won’t be any trees left! Do you think my fellow citizens would wake up then to find the forest gone?!

Such is “The Reality of Reality” – People do not want to look Truth in the face unless they are personally affected by it. And even then, Americans only partially weigh the cost of a rushing future in terms of their own inconvenience.

Chances are that I’m preaching to the choir here. If you’re reading this blog, read my books or seen my site, you are at least partially aware of the behemoth problems that we are facing. And like me, you’ve probably voiced your own concern over the slumbering of the masses.

So, the question is: What, if anything, can we do to wake people up?

Before we ever get there, we must take care of ourselves and our families. So make sure that you at the very least have a short supply of food and water and protection available for when things go south. Yes, that means prepping at least on a small-scale in order to get you to a place of safety (NOT FEMA CAMPS). Make sure you have a safe place to go, out of the cities. Have a plan to meet up with family if chaos strikes suddenly.

As far as waking others up in the short time we have left, try with immediate impactful information (that tree that they can’t walk around) in order to catch their attention. A simple conversation starter like, “You know, I read today that the price of chicken has hit an all-time high,” or “Can you believe that banks are now talking about charging people to deposit their own money?!” (Both true stories out today.)

People will not shake out of their slumber unless there is immediate inconvenience to their lives. Perhaps this kind of introduction to problems can get them to open their minds. If we rush in and dump too much on them at once, we will only be looked at as conspiracy nuts or crazies. Give them small bites of truth and try to lead them down the path of alertness.

And whatever you do, don’t give up trying to wake people up. Their lives depend on it. You as someone who is awake have a responsibility to impart the same kind of knowledge that was given to you. Use the short time we have left wisely.

In closing, The Reality of Reality is that many people are going to die and suffer in the months and years to come. Our once great Republic is on the precipice of a scary new dawn and there is little, if anything, we can do to save it at this late stage. But we can save a few.

For the sake of your fellow-man, yell “Timber!” at the top of your voice as those trees keep hitting the ground.

This act of simple warning can indeed keep some from being trapped under the falling forest that was once our world.

In that alone, we can take solace, as we face without fear the Reality of Reality.