The Cutting Edge – Thanksgiving Weekend Special Edition (Sat, Nov 30th at 12 pm pacific, 3 pm eastern)

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“Behind The Veil”

Daniel Holdings is back Dividing Darkness From Light on a very special Thanksgiving weekend edition of The Cutting Edge. Watchman Larry Taylor and Intercessor Romy Zarit join Daniel as they discuss what real life is like behind the veil that divides our 3D world and the supernatural.

With these two powerful warriors of God, Daniel will delve into events and activities that occur with unnerving regularity in the spiritual realm that is out of mainstream Christianity’s purview. You will hear firsthand of interdimensional places that Larry and Romy have visited as well as listen to their Holy Spirit inspired missions. Why don’t everyday Christians experience a supernatural walk today? Are these other worldly events occurring with increased frequency? Has war in the heavenlies increased even greater and what is the effect be on our own 3D universe? These are but some of the questions that we will explore as Daniel, Larry and Romy go “Behind The Veil”.

You do not want to miss this important two hour show on Saturday, November 30th at 12 pm pacific, 3 pm eastern.