The Cutting Edge – “Penetrating The Veil” with Doug & Joe Hagmann, 1/3/14

Penetrating The Veil

From Jan 3, 2014 – Continuing our series of shows on The Veil, host Daniel Holdings talks with Private Investigator and Radio Hosts Doug and Joe Hagmann jfor this first important show of 2014. Addressing Doug’s recent, and last, interview with his DHS source Rosebud, these tenacious warriors for Christ will talk about recent developments in the government and society that point to some very visible and practical examples of the thinning Veil. What will the new year bring? How will it affect you and your family? Should you be worried, or are these things a call to action? All of these things and more will be discussed as Doug, Joe and Daniel talk about what really is “Penetrating the Veil”. (The Portal Blogtalk Radio Channel)