The Cutting Edge – The Upcoming End Game, Hook Line and Sinker – Jan 24, 2014

LA Marzulli

Daniel¬†is joined by author, researcher, speaker and host of the wildly popular Watchers Series L.A. Marzulli for the first hour of the show as they talk about The Upcoming End Game and what to expect in the very near future with “Disclosure” and a slumbering Church that is totally unprepared for the reality of an extraterrestrial / interdimensional alien presence revealing themselves to the world. How is society being conditioned for what is to come? What are current events that are being ignored by the mainstream church and the media? And, how will the true “Coming Great Deception” unfold in the public eye? These questions are what the men will explore as they discuss “The Upcoming End Game — Hook, Line & Sinker”.

In the second hour, Daniel is joined by special guest Doug Overmeyer and continues on topic, “The Upcoming End Game — Can You See It Coming” Daniel and Doug will discuss Doug’s oldest daughter’s “seer” gifting that enables her to “see” demonic and angelic forces at work. Is there a biblical basis for such a gift? Are children more open to the supernatural? Is there an increase in demonic activity with which such a gifting can be used to fight against it with? Is the thinning of the veil contributing to a greater insurgence of the supernatural? These are but a few questions that Daniel will delve into with Doug as the men discuss: “The Upcoming End Game — Can You See It Coming?”