An Epiphany

I was sitting here researching a character for my new book. Specifically, the character is Turkish so I wanted to have an authentic Turkish name. That’s when I came across this:

BURAK m Turkish

From Arabic براق (Buraq), the name of the legendary creature that, according to Islamic tradition, transported the Prophet Muhammad. Its name is derived from Arabic برق (barq) “lightning”.


Maybe I’m stretching here, but Barack, as in Obama, could very well be a variation of it’s spelling in Turkish.

If that is the case, could the President of the U.S. be named for the beast that will bring in the next prophet, or caliphate, or as we would know him – the Antichrist?

In addition, if you haven’t seen this very interesting video, originally from PP Simmons, it seems to lend credence to this theory. However, the narrator is speaking about Hebrew and Aramaic. Keep in mind that Barack Hussein Obama is of Arabic origin:

Just thought it was important enough to share.