Approaching Hoofbeats?


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Gazing at the moon on a clear night, it’s hard not to marvel at the pock-surfaced ball and wonder about its violent history.  Yet, one need to look no further than the ground all around us to understand how such a spectacle could take place.Moon

Although it is difficult to recognize, our earth has had its share of violent encounters with heavenly bodies.  Defacing strikes like what is seen on the moon have indeed occurred on our planet.

Deep ImpactTrue to movies like Deep Impact and Armageddon, what would happen to life-as-we-know-it if a large meteor, asteroid or comet struck our own blue ball?  More to the point, are we in the crosshairs of a hurling-mass in the very near future?

If you believe the rumors on the internet – The answer is yes…

Saving Grace

Our Creator gave our planet a unique shield, an invisible “force-field” of sorts: It’s called our atmosphere.  Unlike the slight atmosphere of the moon, which consists of widely dispersed gases and low gravity, the earth’s atmosphere is a complex combination of gases and other elements, water vapor, dust and other solid particles.  It is this diverse mixture that is held in place by our planet’s significant gravity which provides us protection against the sun’s radiation and the cosmic rays of space.  In addition, the earth is surrounded by the magnetosphere which also protects us from hazardous solar winds and particles.

This force-field is also responsible for protecting the planet from A-view-of-the-Moon-from-the-Earths-atmosphereviolent encounters with interplanetary space junk such as meteors, asteroids and comets.  While most of these space-rocks miss the earth, they do strike the atmosphere with routineness.  As these projectiles hit our atmosphere, our shield, they skip off of it like a rock tossed across a still pond.  Those that do manage to penetrate the outer surface of the atmosphere, burn up before reaching the ground, or are significantly reduced in size so as to cause little or no harm.

We see this shield in action as we watch the night sky for shooting stars.  In reality, each of those brilliantly lit beauties are space-projectiles burning up and disintegrating before they can impact earth and do damage.

Close Encounters

Within recent years, there has been an uptick in space debris coming our way.  There are theories as to why this is occurring, and we will discuss some of those as we get further into this conversation.

chelyabinsk-meteorHowever, there have been modern accounts of celestial impacts that caused significant damage.  Most recently, on February 15, 2013, a meteor the size of a semi-truck entered the atmosphere above Chelyabinsk, Russia.  Before breaking up, this hunk of space-rock pierced the lower atmosphere in a supersonic, concussive wave that shattered windows and damaged buildings.  With no warning from the Russian Space agency, local residents thought that they were under attack.  Fortunately, the majority of the meteor disintegrated with only fragments hitting the ground.

Still other events have been far more devastating.  The Tunguska Event was an asteroid strike on June 30, 1908 in a sparsely populated section of Siberia.  This space-rock is thought by some to have been Tunguskabigger than a modern U.S. destroyer when it exploded in the sky in an air-burst.  The detonation was 1000 times greater than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and flattened trees like toothpicks for almost 800 miles around the area.  The shockwave knocked people off their feet and broke windows hundreds of miles away.  It caused the horizon to light up with fire and was responsible for deep tremors in the earth and sounds of thunder in the distance.

Violent events worse than Tunguska happen throughout our solar Comet Hitting Jupetirsystem.  Perhaps the most illustrative of such an event was the Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 impact on Jupiter in July 1994.  The tumultuous-upheaval caused by the strike(s) sent plumes of gas and debris so large into the giant planet’s atmosphere that those plumes could have easily engulfed the whole earth and then some.

It is thought by scientists that earth is not exempt from such upheaval Space__038312_in our modern times.  Could this be the reason for recent cryptic warnings by NASA and various government agencies around the world?  More on that in a moment.

Ancient Strikes

Scientists have uncovered evidence of earth’s violent past when it comes to celestial impacts.  Craters long grown over with vegetation in populated areas are more difficult to ascertain.  However, some of these strikes are so significant, or exposed, that their existence is plate_36a_barringer_crater_medeasier to detect.  The Barringer Crater is a prime example.

The Barringer Crater is gouged out of the northern Arizona desert and represents the best preserved meteor strike of earth.  Impact was thought to have been some 50,000 years ago by a space-rock 130 feet wide at a speed estimated to be ten-times faster than a bullet shot out of a rifle.

The Chicxulub Crater encompassing part of the Yucatan Peninsula off of the Caribbean coast of Mexico is a much more devastating example of a prehistoric strike and is thought to have killed-off the dinosaurs.


According to scientists, that monster collision occurred some 66 chicxulub_impactmillion years ago and the asteroid was thought to be over six miles wide and hit with the force of over 100 teratons of TNT.  The impact crater is almost 200 miles wide and the effects of the strike were devastating to the earth.  It was a true E.L.E., Extinction Level Event.

As if these “recent” ancient events were not enough to get your attention, it is also theorized that a meteor strike some 2.5 billion years was responsible for the breakup of the supercontinent Pangaea.

With only 185 craters identified, almost all on dry land, and virtually 70 percent of the earth covered by water and unexplored for strikes, one can only assume that we have been struck by many more projectiles.

The Noah Connection

So what does all of this mean for you?

The Bible is rife with examples of how the Father used natural disasters as implements of His judgment.  In fact, it is interesting that cultures the world over, Judeo-Christian or otherwise, all have various accounts of an ancient flood in their traditions.  While physical evidence of such a flood can be found in archeological sites on high mountains with the discovery of sea-creature fossils, perhaps those historical traditions provide the best clues.The Flood

Could it be that the waters of the deep that sprung up from the earth and engulfed it after Moses built the ark was because a comet struck the earth in a distant land?  Some scientists think it is possible.

For the Believer, what is even more amazing is the fact that Yahweh told Noah to build such a vehicle that would survive the flood long before any strike occurred.  In that realization, those that follow The Most High can find comfort.

And if recent reports are right – we will need all the comfort and direction that Adonai will give us in the very near future.

Is Judgment Ahead?

meteor1puertoAt the age of 16, a boy by the name of Efrain Rodriguez had a vision of a great meteor slamming into the oceans off of Puerto Rico.  Now in his 50’s, it is a vision that “Prophet” Efrain, the man, has not ceased to warn about.

Like the historical facts outlined above, according to Mr. Rodriguez, this impact will hit with the force of many nuclear bombs.  It will cause tsunamis and earthquakes and will ultimately split America in half.

Why would The Father do such a thing you ask?

According to Efrain, it will be because the U.S. will be responsible for splitting Israel in half.

Seemingly, in an ominous confirmation of coming disaster in Puerto Rico, a video was put out in October of 2013 showing the purchase by officials of thousands of body bags and coffins.  In addition, a report came out on April 23, 2015 saying that because of financial concerns for the island, the government “may” shutdown within the next three months.

Recent Warnings

Many people are looking at the Jade Helm military exercise that will jade helm mapbe conducted across the country this summer as the prepositioning of troops on our own soil in preparation for… bad things.  Some have said that it is a precursor to martial law.  Others have said that with a certain financial collapse on the near horizon, the troops are designed to hinder rioting and civil unrest.  However, still others have voiced concerns that our own government may well know about an incoming celestial body and refuse to warn the population because of the chaos such a warning would bring.  In their opinion, those troops are there to keep continuity of government.

Whatever the reason, strange and unprecedented moves by the powers-that-be have caused many people to do a double take.  As an example, the Central Intelligence Agency has moved their headquarters from Langley, Virginia – A low lying area – to Denver, Colorado in the Rockies.  Okay, just coincidence right?

It is also interesting that the NSA has also moved operations to high-ground in Denver.  And just last month, a report came out that the military is moving their equipment and troops back to its one-time Cold War facilities in Cheyenne Mountain.

It is true that governments move assets all the time and moves alone do not necessarily mean anything.  However, in this case,  many U.S. government agencies have set up shop in areas of high-ground.

What might they know that we don’t?

Old Warnings Made New

Remember the vision that the Apostle John recounted in Revelation fCometa090107wormwoodrom his time in exile on the Island of Patmos.  He saw something that he referred to as “Wormwood”, a “burning mountain” that was thrust into the sea and killed a third of the ocean, a third of the vegetation and a third of the animal and sea life.

Most of us look at these prophecies and believe, or at least we want to believe, that they are far off in the distant future.  While it might be an interesting discussion to have at a Midrash or Bible study, or even over dinner with friends, we rarely think we will have to see such prophecy unfold.  As such, we go about our routine never giving these issues real consideration.

However – What if John’s vision was for today?  What would you do?  How would you act?  And could we live our lives without fear, as the Word tells us, and go about our Father’s business?

Approaching Hoof Beats?

These days, the internet is replete with new urgent warnings of an incoming celestial object.  Perhaps the most stunning are reports from Lyn Leahz who says that her former high-up sources in the military have disclosed that a 2 ½ mile wide comet is headed for earth and due to strike us this year, 2015, between September 15th (two days after the Shemittah ends) and September 28th (the night of the last blood moon).article-1104330-025F90BE000004B0-431_468x286

Ms. Leahz has done extensive reporting on this issue and although the above linked article takes a long time to load, it is a plethora of information on her findings.

There are others online that are warning about an incoming object.  Some call it an Asteroid, others agree with Lyn.  Regardless, an increasing volume of voices can be heard throughout the earth about something happening toward the latter part of this year.

Being a practicing skeptic is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when it comes to the internet.  However, would it surprise you that such a warning, pointing to this specific time period, was given by someone of great reputation who is considered one of the smartest men in history?

What if this man voiced his opinions centuries before there was an internet and communication was limited to that which was written and not printed?  What if this man’s theories have proved right on various issues throughout history?

Would you consider his opinions valid and would he cause you to seriously weigh the issue?

About More Than Just Gravity

Sir Isaac Newton was a devout student of biblical prophecy.  Daniel’s Sir-Isaac-Newton-HD-Wallpaper70th week always bothered Newton.  Because of this, he launched himself on a journey to discover what the prophet Daniel was talking about.

He made a calculation about  the final seven week spoken of in Daniel 9:25:

“Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the command.  To restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince, There shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks;  The street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublesome times.”

He figured that those final 7 weeks were 7 shemitah years (there are 7 years in a shemitah cluster, called Shemitah), so here is the calculation: 7 years/shemitah cluster X last 7 weeks  = 49 years.

Jerusalem was reunited and restored to Israel during the 6 day war on June 7, 1967.

360 days = a biblical/prophetic year

49 years X 360 days/biblical year = 17,640 days

From June 7, 1967, if you count out 17,640 days forward, that takes you to September 23rd, 2015; the Day of Atonement begins at sundown on this day.

If this date sounds familiar, it should, remember Ms. Leahz source said that this comet will hit earth between September 15th through 28th.

 Are These Predictions Realistic?

Could it be that this object is what the Apostle John saw on the Island of Patmos and called Wormwood in the book of Revelation – That “burning mountain” that was cast into the sea and killed a third of everything?

It is true that other things must happen before Wormwood – But for Hourglassthe sake of discussion, let’s make the following assumptions:

1) The U.N. vote on September 15, 2015 splits Israel in half,

2) The drought in California does cause a famine, and

3) Bird-flu or Ebola or some other “pestilence” takes place this summer.

Here’s why we are talking about this – If these things happen, the world is on track to see the “fiery mountain”, the 6th seal, that John spoke about.

Could we be that far into the biblical hourglass?

Just The Facts

The Word says that in the Last Days, men’s hearts will fail for fear at those things that are coming upon the earth.  This is not a “spiritual” statement – It is a factual one.

As outlined in the beginning of this article, there have been numerous occasions where the earth has in-fact been hit by a celestial body.  Regardless of the recent episode in Russia two years ago, many scientists would argue that we are way overdue for a much more significant strike.

facebook_noahthemovie_profileimageThe Messiah warned his disciples that when He returned, it would be as in the days of Noah.  For many reasons, both scientific and moralistic, many of the Faith believe that these look a lot like those days.

As such, are we willing to consider that such an event as a comet striking the earth is possible and is Yahweh’s hand of judgment on a Creation who has, for the most part, turned their back on Him?


How are we to live in days like these? Clock

Yeshua told us that we are to be “Salt and Light” to this generation.  Our attitude and our actions are being watched by people who do not know Him, but desperately need Him.

He also spoke of a peace that surpasses all understanding.  If we lean on Him; if we are on our face before the Father; if we listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit – we can have that peace, direction, and protection.

Just as Daniel was in the lion’s den, just as the Hebrews were in the furnace and just as David was when his enemies sought his life – We too can be hid in times of trouble.

So, if these are the last of The Last Days, chose you this day whom you will serve.  As for me and my house, we will serve Adonai and – We will not bow.

May the shalom that surpasses all understand fill your hearts and minds in the days to come.