Prepare The Way – 7/8/15

Dan Gordon – “The Day of the Dead”

Screen Writer, Producer, Director and Novelist, Israeli / American IDF Reserve Captain Dan Gordon joins Daniel for a special two part discussion of his new book “The Day Of The Dead” and its terrifying implications for America in the not too distant future.  With impeccable sources high up in the U.S. and Israeli military and covert agencies, Dan has weaved a compelling fictional thriller that is based on real-life intelligence that lends us to believe that ISIS is on the doorstep of America’s southern border and is preparing to hit the United States like we have never been hit before.  Dan also shares his unique insight into life in Israel and the Israeli Defense Forces.  While the warning he brings is sobering, it is seasoned with the fact that we are of a kingdom not made with hands.  This is the first part of a two part interview.  You do not want to miss this powerful and touching time as Dan Gordon speaks about – “The Day of the Dead”.