Prepare The Way – 8/5/15


ael Snyder of “The Economic Collapse Blog”

This week on Prepare The Way is the first part of a two part interview in which Daniel speaks with Michael Snyder about his recent historical work on a DVD that provides critical insight into where the people of Israel were historically scattered to in the nations.  How much of an affect did the Hebrew people have on the ancient world and what is their connection to modern societies?  When the Word talks about a “Second Exodus” that will be greater than the first, where is the Father calling His people out from?  Does the Hebrew dispersion even matter if you don’t have the DNA of Israel and are a Gentile?  Most importantly, what will be the catalyst that will drive Yahweh’s people back to the Land?  Is that what the coming economic and social trouble is all about?  And how long do we have before everything comes crashing down?  A very important and timely show that you do not want to miss as Michael Snyder joins Daniel for a discussion on the Creator of the Universe calling His people home.