A Conspiracy For The Ages – “Molehills Out Of Mountains”

In the spring of 2014, Timothy Alberino launched his “Alberino Analysis” in storied fashion.  The hard hitting facts and a concise delivery would make it difficult for the biggest skeptic to dispute “the possibility” that giants did, indeed, exist.

maxresdefaultOne of his early presentations was entitled “‪The Alberino Analysis – Red Haired Giants of America: Episode 1”, where he speaks about the shared, common knowledge of giants in North America in the 1800’s.  Further, Alberino supports an excellent case against the Smithsonian, and the elusive “Powers That Be”, for resolutely hiding evidence of giants.  In a presentation that would make a prosecuting attorney proud, Narrator Alberino shovels individual pieces of corroborating evidence into a Mountain so high; it could nearly blot out the sun.  In the follow-up video, Episode 2, of the same name, the would-be attorney continues to lay down rapid-fire facts to support his position.

It was one of those facts in Episode 2 that became the inspiration for this article – But not for giants.

The Bigger They Are…

As cited by Mr. Alberino, in a document penned in September 1848, President Abraham Lincoln spoke about the bones of giants that occupied huge burial mounds throughout North America.  And while one could argue that giants and their existence

A Business Men Climbing a Pile of Papers

was not Lincoln’s point at all, a lightning-bolt epiphany struck this author.

The time span between Lincoln’s comments until now is only one-hundred and sixty-seven years.

Lincoln MemorialThus, the epiphany is this: It took less than one-hundred and sixty-seven years for the understanding and the truth of history to be corrupted.  It matters not if you believe Lincoln was addressing the issue of giants.  The very fact that this discussion is taking place is a testament to the fragility of Truth.  In other words: It took only 167 years to make a Mountain of evidence into a simple Molehill.

Thus, this begs the question: What other truths, particularly in our Judeo-Christian system of beliefs, have been altered, either intentionally or unintentionally, in the two-thousand years since Jesus walked the earth?

Just The Facts Maam

You might say that this is a ridiculous question.  After all, we have the Bible.

Understand that we as mere mortals deal with the truths of the Word from a perspective of the fleshly state into which all mankind was born.  We are fallible and at times, self-serving.  So, is there any wonder that the enemy, Satan, would try to find such a weakness to exploit?

Now imagine that there was a conspiracy against God’s people, albeit a supernatural one, which was vast and pervasive.  Imagine that this conspiracy played on the ignorance and arrogance of His people and that it spanned not just decades, but centuries and even millennia.  Imagine that normal, well meaning and sincere Believers, as well as the powerful and influential of society participated in this conspiracy, most unknowingly. Imagine that time had so erased the facts of the Truth, that even the most spiritually educated bought into the lie and would defend it at all costs.  Imagine that this lie was spun by the devil himself.

Imagine that this conspiracy spanned two-thousand years and its primary goal was to cause a Believer in God and His only begotten Son, Jesus, to forget WHO they were.

Now imagine that God Himself is now, at the end of the age, setting the record straight.

In The Moment

So what is this Conspiracy For The Ages?

Historical evidence shows that the first written “book” of the New Testament was James, which was penned in 50 AD, almost Dollar-Bill-All-Seeing-Eyetwenty years after Jesus ascended to be with The Father.   The rest of the New Testament was written over the course of forty years.  In fact, the gospels were written as follows: Luke – 63 AD, Mark – 66 AD, Matthew – 67 AD and John – 85 AD.

So, when was that famous passage of 2 Timothy 2:15 written (a personal favorite) where Paul exhorts his son in the faith to “study” to show himself approved?

It was not written until 66 AD.  In fact, the first version of the New Testament, which at the time omitted a few books, wasn’t put together until the Council of Hippo in 393, more than three and a half centuries AFTER Jesus physically left the earth.

Have you gleaned what this Conspiracy is yet?

If the New Testament didn’t come about until 393, although it is true that some of the letters were being circulated, albeit not in mass, what was Timothy in the aforementioned verse 15 supposed to study?

Details, Details

The glaring answer is the Law, the Prophets, Hebrew history and the Poetry and Writings of – The Old Testament.

As the gospel of Jesus began to spread, Hebrews who believed and followed Him and who kept the Torah, the Law, intimately did the spreading.  In fact, throughout the New Testament you see the writers referring back to the Old Testament frequently.  They were entrenched in the culture and faith that ancient Hebrews had practiced for millennia.  Veritably, the epistle to the Romans that Paul penned did not come into being until the year 57 or 58.

isaiah-scroll.lAt that time, because of the culture that Paul had been raised in and because he was “a Pharisee of Pharisees”, the issue wasn’t whether or not one could have a ham sandwich for lunch or bacon and eggs for breakfast.  This understanding was a given.  In the Law, or Torah, there is a list of things that God Himself said was food.  Rather, the issues that Paul dealt with on so many occasions were issues of the heart.  They were also the same issues that Jesus dealt with when He walked the earth.

Please don’t misunderstand; this article is not about being more “Jewish”.  This effort is a reflection on the Truth and how our supposedly highly intelligent society has been duped.

The answer to this “Jewishness” question is ridiculous anyway.  Jew refers to Judah, one of the tribes of Israel or, at the time of Jesus, the Southern Kingdom that remained until 70 AD after the Northern Kingdom of Israel was taken into captivity in 722 BCE.

Judah took the Law, the Torah, which was relatively basic.  Where they stumbled was by adding to it.  The Talmud and the Mishna are oral “traditions” that has been added on top of the Bible.  These traditions became so burdensome that when Jesus arrived on the scene, He was very upset with the religious of the day; not for keeping the Law, but because they expected everyone to keep all that extra stuff too.  Remember when Messiah said, “Come to me all you who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”  What was He talking about?  Could it be that the religious leaders of the day had added so much to the Law that it had became a burden to the people?

Reshaping History

In an effort to be equitable with the clarification of Truth, it is necessary to point out that the Christian Church has done the very same thing, but only to the opposite extreme.

Thus, here is the crux of the Conspiracy For The Ages.colossal_statue_of_emperor_constantine1350431139106

The Apostles eventually died off and their letters were still loosely circulating.  The New Testament was placed in a complete form, at least semi-complete, in 393.  Then Constantine became Emperor of Rome in the fourth century.  The evidence of history shows that he was a pagan who worshiped, along with his army, the sun-god, Mithra.

The story goes; the Emperor saw a cross up on the sky with Latin written below it.  Although the cross was not a common symbol among God’s people, Constantine took the “sign” to mean that he should convert to Christianity, to which he did.  However, he then “declared” all of his substantial army, Christians.  The problem was that they were pagans who worshipped the sun god on the first day of the week.  To appease them, and because of the increased anti-Jewish sentiment at that time, Constantine changed the acceptable day of worship to the first day of the week.  The problem is, is that nowhere in the Bible is there provision by God for any such change.  With the rise of Gnosticism and the attempt to reconcile paganism and Christianity, many other changes were made – contrary to the Word.

image026Therefore, either by purposeful effort, or by diligent obedience to those unfortunate changes over the centuries, the people of God have been sold a bill of goods that is contrary to the Truth of the Word.  Not only do we not understand WHY we practice the things we do, we have forgotten WHO we are in Him.

What Say You?

We are the people of His Covenant, His Chosen, His Bride.  Yet, we are so invested in the conspiracy that we do not know the mire in which we are stuck.

However, are you willing to look at scripture NOT through the modern lens of preachers, teachers and rabbis?  Are you willing to look at the unadulterated Word of God and take it for its face value?  Be strong and courageous – He’s coming back soon, but will He find faith on the earth?

You are not being asked to believe anything that has been written in the above paragraphs.  However, you are now challenged to dig out the Truth of the Word – for yourselves.

Whether you be Jew or Christian, it’s time to understand WHO we are and expose – The Conspiracy For The Ages.


This is the first article in a series of articles designed to help God’s people understand who we are.  Be on the lookout for the next in the series.