Supernatural Woofers – The Beat Of The End Of The Age

I have a confession.

Born in 1962, I’m a product of the sixties and seventies and grew up in a rock-n-roll and disco era (true, I was coguitar-hd-wallpapers-for-desktopnfused).

Loud, thumping and piercing music would blare through my home and car stereos long before anyone ever heard of huge woofer boxes in kid’s cars.

Although the Lord saved and delivered me from a worldly lifestyle back in 1983, my fondness for rumbling, loud music, the kind that makes your insides shake, hasn’t changed.

However, these days, when I do crank it up, it’s music declaring the things of Yahweh rather than things of the world.

Thumpi249c4561e3d92d50db1174cfafb88792ng Around The World

In the course of going through my normal routine this morning, I came across an article that referenced the kind of “sky sounds” that have been occurring for the last few years with no explanation.

The source of these sounds is still unidentified and many people, including myself, have postulated to the fact that they are part of this “end of the age” time period in which we find ourselves.

Nonetheless, although briefly intrigued by the article, I quickly moved on to continue my morning routine.

Don’t Tell My Wife!

Like most mornings, I had worship music on.  However, rather than being slow and reflective, today’s musical kick-start was upbeat and lively.  I sat there as long as I could, bouncing my foot to the beat until I could sit no longer.  I stood and began to dance before the Lord (something I never do.  Not pretty.)music_sound_loud_volume_sitting_sofa_desktop_2000x851_hd-wallpaper-715613

True to my stated history, I had that song cranked loud and thumping (My wife wasn’t home).

As I danced and moved to the beat, the large computer woofer on my desk puffed air molecules out so hard, that you could literally feel the air moving in front of the speaker (I told you it was loud).

His Voice Above All Else

As I sat down, lowered the music and caught my breath, the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear,

“Why don’t people realize that those things happening in the supernatural can be felt in your natural world just like the air molecules being pumped out from that speaker?”  And then He said, “They can’t ‘see’ it, but that movement is getting louder and the beat faster.  They need to be ready.”

That’s when I stopped to write this and share it with you.

Evidence Ignored

In every arena in the physical world, unbelievable events (mostly bad) are multiplying exponentially.  These rapid changes are like those air molecules of that woofer that is being turned up louder and louder.  They are growing in volume as the supernatural begins to pervade our own earthly environment; so much so, that these disturbing events are hard to ignore.

For Believers that are awake, we prepare for the things that are to come in the very near future.  However, although they sense that something is different, the vast majority of Believers are not awake to the increasing volume of that supernatural

We can talk about a pending financial collapse, a war on the police, social unrest, a homosexual and immoral agenda being jammed the American people’s throats, earthquakes, volcanoes, animal die-offs and a feeling within humanity that “something big” is about to happen.  However, unless we acknowledge those things and prepare for what is to come, we are deaf to the supernatural beat.

Dancing To The Creator of The Universe

Jesus called these “birthpangs” and said that as time drew down on earth’s timepiece, these birthpangs would increase.

Guess what?   The contractions are no longer minutes apart – They are now only seconds apart.

But are YOU ready for what is about to be birthed?

Not What You Think 

Often times when the issue of “end times” comes up amongst Believers, you will hear comments like, “Well… I’m just going to have to trust the Lord.  He’ll take care of me or He’ll take me home.” Or, “He loves me so He’s not going to let anything bad happen to me.”  Or, my personal favorite, “Yes, it’s all going to happen.  Just not now.  We have decades before the end!” (This is said as the bass from that supernatural woofer is bouncing things up and down all over the earth!)

So what if that which is going to happen is not a worldwide catastrophe that will end life for the vast majority of the planet?  (I’m not saying it isn’t, I’m just asking “what if”.)

Full-Moon-moon-22778641-1024-768Do we fully understand that that which will be born out of the chaos is not a smiling and happy baby?  Do we understand that the world that Yeshua comes back to is desperately in need of Him, to the point that we ARE READY TO KILL OURSELVES OFF?

As an example, if He doesn’t come back within the next few months (and I don’t believe He will), are you realistically prepared to assume your role as a child of The King in this “new world order”?  And, do you understand what that means?

Remember, this will soon be a world that you cannot buy or sell in without their unjust weights and measures or their required mark.  It is a world that we will likely see, perhaps as early as the end of next month, but certainly within the next few months or years.

September is National Preparedness Month and in a time when the idea of “prepping” has reached fervor pitch, I just have to point something out: If you think that you can live in such a world unscathed – think again.  You don’t have enough supplies, safe enough shelter or enough bullets for your guns to protect you from the crazy world that is about to be born.  It truly, marches to the beat of a different drummer – An evil one.

What’s A Supernatural Music Lover To Do?

Yet, despite those things that are befalling the earth, we are called to be Salt & Light, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit in these end days.  We are called to display the “fruit of the Spirit” to an unloving world, but without compromise.

We are not called to hide in a hole and look out only for ourselves.saltandlight

That is not a negative comment about prudent preparation.  Rather it is the acknowledgement that there must be something more to our walks and our lives than mere existence.

If you know Him, you will be able to walk into these dangerous days with hope and peace and a sense of His presence that the world is lost without.  If you know how to bend your ear to His voice and YIELD your life to Him on a daily basis, He WILL guide you and keep you.

You will be able to say among the nations, “The Lord has done great things!”

godIt’s Not Too Late

If you don’t know Him, or if you’ve been playing and sitting on the fence – Today is the day of your salvation.  Perhaps for the first time, have a serious one on one conversation with Jesus and ask Him into your heart and life.  Ask Him to fill you with his peace and the presence of His Holy Spirit.   And then begin to do EVERYTHING, He’s told you to in His Word.  No excuses, no compromise, no fairy tales.

If you’ve been playing with a walk with God, or unyielding in parts of your life, but you had known Him at one time – stop it.  Yield your life; ask Him to forgive you and fill you afresh and anew with His Holy Spirit – And then get about the King’s business.

That Supernatural Beat Is Getting Louder And Quickermarriagesupper

Like a celestial game of musical chairs, the warning beats of an impending end will not play on forever.  Soon the music will stop and we will be called to give an account for our service to Him, or lack thereof.  The question is: When that heavenly woofer is silenced, will you have a seat at the marriage supper of the Lamb?

The warning is now.  The need to be Salt & Light is now.  The call is now.

This is WHO we are and… We were born for such a time as this.


This is a continuing series of articles by Daniel that is designed to help God’s people understand who we are. Be on the lookout for the next in the series.