Prepare The Way – 12/9/15

Shifting Your Paradigm

In a packed program, economic expert and pundit Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog joins Daniel for a brief update on the U.S. and world’s economies. Through the information provided, you will begin to understand that the collapse of the world’s economies is already underway.
And then, halfway through the first segment, Daniel welcomes back his partner on The Remnant Road Al McCarn and guest Steve Moutria, formally of 119 ministries and now of Torah Family dot org to finish an end of the age discussion that the men started on The Remnant Road last Monday.
The conversation was so important that it required additional time to finish because of the possible imminent implications to the fulfillment of biblical prophecy in the very near future.
You do not want to miss this important Paradigm Shifting program!
Plus, make sure you check Steve’s appearance on The Remnant Road from Monday, 12-7-15: