Prepare The Way – 1/13/16

The Human Condition – Hubris That Will Not Stand

As a follow-up to last week’s show on CERN and its comparison to the Tower of Babel, this week Daniel lay’s out a cause against the use of five technologies in our modern era that seek to change, or corrupt, Yahweh’s creation. Why is it that there is now a confluence of prophetic events all around the world that is leading to the End of the Age? Could it be, as it says in the Word, that “no flesh” that He created would exist in the form that He intended? Find out from the voices of “experts” and believers (little b) alike. What has got some of the smartest and most successful minds of our times so concerned with this technology and what kind of danger does it pose to mankind? Given the danger straight ahead, Prepare The Way of the Lord as Daniel talks about: The Human Condition – Hubris That Will Not Stand.