To Free America – Daniel Guest Hosts Randy Yarbrough’s Show on 5/4/16

The Changing of the Fabric of America – On Decree at a Time

Daniel is the guest host on “To Free America” tonight, standing in for Randy Yarbrough.

To aid in his quest to understand how America has been systematically and fundamentally changed over the years, Daniel seeks the help of his partner from Hebrew Nation’s Remnant Road, Al McCarn.  The former Army Intelligence Officer from the Pentagon is able to bring his unique perspective to the discussion as the men delve into exactly how and what has been changed in the county and discuss whether or not the United States can be turned around.

In the second hour, former Homeland Security officer Phil Haney joins the guys to discuss his new book “See Something, Say Nothing.”  This Muslim terrorist expert talks about his experience in government service and about how the attitude of enforcement has changed over the years.  His insight in particular is essential in understanding how widespread the change to this country has been.

This is an important discussion that you do not want to miss.