Holdings’ Truth or Fiction – 9/13/16

Five Moves Ahead

“Sometimes I hate it when I’m right.”

This seems to be my mantra more times that not these days.BTV Ft Cover Shrunk

Specifically I’m speaking of a storyline out of my third novel in which the President, modeled after you know who, has been tapped to take the country down from within. In that book, originally released in 2014, the puppet masters behind the scenes arrange for the Chief Executive to receive a third term. In doing so, he becomes the last president of the United States.


The Excerpt


On Final Approach – Present Day

There were few times in his life that The Man With The Book felt inadequate. This was one of those times.

Over the years he’d taken hundreds, if not thousands of meetings. He learned a long time ago that it was important to give an air of competence and authority, even if he was totally in the dark about the subject matter.

This meeting was the most important of his life and he was in the dark. He’d given up all of his leverage, did everything he was told to do and took the brunt of all the bad press. The question was: would his efforts be rewarded? He was about to find out.

He looked down at the book in his lap again.

This book was prophetic. I doubt its author thought of a literal world without the United States. While I’m sure the people at the meeting will be happy at what’s going on in the country, how can they be sure that a world without America will be any better? And more to the point, can I do business with these people? I guess I’m going to find out.

He felt the plane shudder and heard the thump of the landing gear locking into place.”

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Of course this is fiction… right?

However, like so many things out of these supernatural novels, life appears to imitate art. The problem is – It is we who are living this life!


The Incident
hitlaryCase in point is the recent health problems of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Although there has been a lot of speculation about her health in recent weeks, an incident at the 9/11 memorial has put her issues in the spotlight. So much so that even corporate-controlled mainstream media is now having difficulty hiding these issues from the public. Thus, the subsequent question of whether she is even fit for the office of Presidency has come to the forefront.


The Catch
But even those of us who have followed her health issues have only focused on the hubris of her puppet masters lies.

However, what if our focusing on the lie has caused us to miss the bigger picture?hagmann-doug

This morning I watched an excellent video clip from my friend Doug Hagmann. In it Doug postulates that her handlers, i.e. puppet masters, could very well be looking four and five moves ahead of Clinton’s current health problems to achieve their goal.

What goal? According to Doug and his sources – create a constitutional crisis in which they would be able to usurp the electoral process. And even extend Obama’s stay in the office of the presidency.


Forward Thinking
For years now, I too have proposed that the power brokers behind the scenes are moving four and five moves ahead in order to achieve their global objectives.

To that end, when viewing the current news cycle, keep these things in mind:

1) Nothing you see in the news, even alternative to some degree, is the real or full picture,

2) If the “powers that be” have infiltrated each individual party, BOTH Republicans and Democrats, could they have already hijacked the election process?

3) If my second point is correct could they have even factored in a Trump candidacy or victory? Remember – desperate people take desperate measures.

4) If their goal is to create a constitutional crisis as Doug Hagmann points out, are they trying to start a civil war? And if so, why? (This too has been discussed in my novels.)

5) The election aside, because of the world’s economic stresses, prepositioning for World War III and the decline of modern civilization – Understand that the world as we know it is about to change forever.


How To Deal With The Truth
In closing – Knowing about what is coming is not the same as preparing for what comes next. To that end, food, water and shelter are necessities to truth-liessustain life. City dwellers need to seriously think about an escape route NOW. And lastly, make sure your heart is right before the Father – You never know when you might come face to face with Him.

Regardless, one thing is for sure… I really hope that I’m wrong.

Eyes open…


Daniel Holdings is the author of three books and a radio show host for Hebrew Nation Radio.  He often guests on a variety of shows and speaks in public whenever invited.