Things That Make You Go, “Hummmmmm”

For the average guy, UFOs are not something you fixate on.

But every once in a while, even the most closed minded will come across an account that man-thinking-smallmakes them say, “Hummmmm… there might be something to that.”

This is one case in particular.

In 1971 a submarine captain took high resolution photos of an object, or objects, hovering just above the water on the edge of the Arctic Circle.  The photos are very compelling and because the source appears to be reputable, they require serious consideration.

However, therein lies the crux of the problem.

man-tin-foil-hatDoes considering the existence of this “flying saucer” automatically place you into the category of foil hats and conspiracy theorists?

Probably not.

But it does make you wonder if there is more to this phenomenon, as my friend LA Marzhqdefaultulli of Watchers fame would say, that is “growing, burgeoning and not going away.”

Now, beam me up Scotty!

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