Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road 12/5/16

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Daniel and his partner on The Remnant Road, Al McCarn on Hebrew Nation’s Monday Morning Show, host Hanoch Young who provides insights from a Jewish perspective on what YHVH is doing in these days to restore all of Israel!  Astounding developments are taking place right now not only as Ephraimites become aware of their identity, but also as Jews are beginning to take notice of this global phenomenon.  It is not because this generation is so much better than any others that have come before us, but because now is the appointed time YHVH has established for this long-awaited restoration.  How can you be part of this move of God?  Connect to the Land!  Hanoch discusses the importance of going to Israel, not just to experience it for yourself, but to be seen by our brethren of Judah..  Listen and learn not only why this is important, but how you can do it – and then check out Hanoch’s web site at http://www.kolyehuda.com/.