Once upon a time… I was a regular Joe.

An NCO in the Air Force, I got out to go back to school and find my way in the world without Uncle Sam.

After receiving my B.S. in Business, I went into the financial arena and eventually opened my own office working with multi-million-dollar clients.

Then a strange thing happened – I read a book.

It doesn’t matter what it was about, the point is that it changed my paradigm forever.  I would never look at the financial system, or life – the same.

As a consequence, my family and I changed our lives drastically.  With a few bumps along the way, I eventually started writing.  I thought: If a book that I read could change my life so drastically, perhaps I could have that same effect on people who read my words.

My first novel, “3 Days in the Belly of the Beast,” was born out of that effort and since that time, I’ve often been told by my readers that my work has had that same kind of affect on them – goal achieved.

During the years, I’ve penned other books and articles, some of them my own and some of them the ideas and thoughts of my clients.

Regardless, the results are still just as profound – Words can change your life.  I’m living proof.

These days I live with my wife of nearly 35 years in the woods in Kentucky of all places.  We are “empty-nesters” and our only daughter is married and in college.  Life is much slower now than when I swam with the sharks and… I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I believe it’s important to leave your stamp on the world for good, for the Creator.

I look forward to writing that next impactful classic that will change someone’s life.  Best of all, it doesn’t even matter to me if it’s under your name or mine.

The point is to have an impact.

Will you join me?