After a long hiatus, Daniel is currently working on the next installment of The Cooper Chronicles.

Although it’s been some time since we found Bryce and family living in a cave in his beloved Bitterroot Mountains in Montana, Daniel has not wanted to come out with the next edition until he was sure that the new episode could do the series justice.

With clear direction, this next book promises to literally turn the world upside for Cooper and his friends as they move closer to the great battle of the End of the Age.

Many of your favorite characters will be back as Daniel takes you on a mind-bending ride that will shock and inspire you with each page turned.

As a bonus, Daniel will introduce his new Co-Author for the series.  While a new author, this individual has already had a big impact on the Cooper Chronicles throughout the years.  Stay tuned for further disclosures and look for the new episode, yet to be titled, toward the Fall of 2018.