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Does Government Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Need to Happen?

Some experts have stated that the ubiquitous and potentially dangerous uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) [...]

The Reality of Home Improvement Projects

If only you could totally remodel your house in the time it took you to [...]

The Long Goodbye

Can anyone really explain the bond between a pet owner and his pet?  That seemingly [...]

Endorphins Wanted!

Endorphins are chemicals that your hypothalamus and pituitary glands make. These powerful little molecules are [...]

Hebrew Nation Morning Show – The Remnant Road 12/5/16

For such as time as this Daniel and his partner on The Remnant Road, Al [...]

Things That Make You Go, “Hummmmmm”

For the average guy, UFOs are not something you fixate on. But every once in [...]

Parley and The Pirates of America

As President Barack Hussein Obama’s tenure draws to a close, the Lame Duck President has [...]

Indoor Plumbing and Today’s Politics

Crude Insight For a Crude Political Season The morning after the presidential election, I sat [...]

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