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Supernatural Woofers – The Beat Of The End Of The Age

I have a confession. Born in 1962, I’m a product of the sixties and seventies and grew up in a rock-n-roll and disco era (true, I was confused). Loud, thumping and piercing music would blare through my home and car stereos long before anyone ever heard of huge woofer boxes in kid’s cars. Although the […]

Prepare The Way – 6/10/15

The Approaching “Day of the Lord” Writer and speaker Benjamin Baruch joins Daniel to discuss the amazing things that he has seen and heard directly from Yeshua.  Benjamin had a vision, verified and qualified, of the planes of 9/11 hitting the Towers… six weeks before it happened.  He is a Hebrew descendant of the scribes […]

The Cutting Edge – The Upcoming End Game, Hook Line and Sinker – Jan 24, 2014

LA Marzulli Daniel is joined by author, researcher, speaker and host of the wildly popular Watchers Series L.A. Marzulli for the first hour of the show as they talk about The Upcoming End Game and what to expect in the very near future with “Disclosure” and a slumbering Church that is totally unprepared for the reality […]