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Holdings’ Truth or Fiction – 9/13/16

Five Moves Ahead “Sometimes I hate it when I’m right.” This seems to be my mantra more times that not these days. Specifically I’m speaking of a storyline out of my third novel in which the President, modeled after you know who, has been tapped to take the country down from within. In that book, […]

Daniel Holdings On Caravan To Midnight With John B. Wells – 5/18/16

Daniel Holdings joins the iconic host John B. Wells to discuss how “The Search of Truth Takes Courage” and the theme’s relation to all the crazy things that are going on in the world today.  The men discuss everything from the upcoming election, financial collapse, nuclear war and more.  In his “tell it like it […]

A Conspiracy For The Ages – “Molehills Out Of Mountains”

In the spring of 2014, Timothy Alberino launched his “Alberino Analysis” in storied fashion.  The hard hitting facts and a concise delivery would make it difficult for the biggest skeptic to dispute “the possibility” that giants did, indeed, exist. One of his early presentations was entitled “‪The Alberino Analysis – Red Haired Giants of America: […]