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Prepare The Way – 9/30/15

LA Marzulli – Days Of Chaos The host of the wildly popular Watchers Series joins Daniel for a wild ride during this week of The Feast of Tabernacles.  “Signs” on the earth and heavens abound as the men discuss recent developments in the news through a prophetic lens.  LA also discusses his new book, and […]

Prepare The Way – 6/24/15

Watchman Larry Taylor & The News This week on PTW, Daniel’s good friend Larry Taylor joins the host for an in depth analysis of various mind boggling issues in the news.  From Greece, to WWIII, to The Pope, to Mars, the men rapidly move through the stories that show how very late it is.  You […]

The Randy Yarbrough Show – 4/30/14

Daniel joins Randy in discussion about current events and how they fall into Bible prophecy. It is time to make a choice – Which side will you choose? Find out the life and death relevance of such a choice in this powerful discussion.