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Supernatural Woofers – The Beat Of The End Of The Age

I have a confession. Born in 1962, I’m a product of the sixties and seventies and grew up in a rock-n-roll and disco era (true, I was confused). Loud, thumping and piercing music would blare through my home and car stereos long before anyone ever heard of huge woofer boxes in kid’s cars. Although the […]

Prepare The Way – 7/29/15

No Flesh Left Alive This week Daniel flies solo as he delves into Mark 13 and what Yeshua might have meant when He said unless the days were cut short “No flesh would be left alive”.  From a foreboding increase in seismic activity, to famine in the land and a rushing economic collapse, Daniel looks […]

Prepare The Way – 5/13/15, 30 Seconds To Midnight

30 Seconds To Midnight This week the Holy Spirit has pummeled Daniel with many points of information while encouraging and aiding him to put together a End Times calendar of events for this summer and fall. By far the most unusual program that he has ever done, Daniel will have no guests but many visitors. […]