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Prepare The Way – 5/13/15, 30 Seconds To Midnight

30 Seconds To Midnight This week the Holy Spirit has pummeled Daniel with many points of information while encouraging and aiding him to put together a End Times calendar of events for this summer and fall. By far the most unusual program that he has ever done, Daniel will have no guests but many visitors. […]

Approaching Hoofbeats?

(This article was written by Daniel for www.hebrewnationonline.  The article is posted here in its entirety.) A Hebrew Nation News Special Report by Daniel Holdings Daniel Holdings is the author of the well-received End-Times thriller series featuring CERN and other “real” news items. He is a researcher, award winning public speaker and former businessman. Daniel also […]

Prepare The Way – 5/6/15

Stan Deyo This week on Prepare The Way, Stan Deyo joins Daniel in a discussion on a myriad of End Times issues that ranges from earth changes, to strange and potentially dangerous solar activity, to identifying the Antichrist. You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear what this brilliant Believer has to say […]